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1973 Beech B55 Baron- Unavailable, off market stock available, contact for details.

2006 Cessna Caravan 208B Super Cargomaster

1991 Cessna 208B Supervan 900- No Longer Available, Contact us for more Inventory

2007 Cessna 208B Super CargoMaster

Where to keep your aircraft when it is on the ground

Whether you just signed off on your first jet or you are seasoned in jet ownership, finding the right place to keep your aircraft is tricky. Seasoned jet owners face Airport Hangers Protecting Your Investmentdifficulties while new owners ae at a loss. Different hangars accommodate different jet sizes, variety exists for airport locations, costs, and convenience. Hangar safety and maintenance facilities vary. That said, you can choose a shared space, rentals or owning. If you are lucky enough to find a space available, consider choosing the right space under the auspices of an investment.

Shared hangars

With common or shared hangars, you run the risk of “hangar rash”, resulting from shuffling aircraft inside of a tight space. For this reason most insurance providers will want to know if you are renting a shared space. Last minute trips will be limited, as you be required to negotiate an agreed-upon amount of notice, often 24 hours in order to get your jet ready. Take note of the support services offered, like that of snow removal, as well as how before or after hours departures can be arranged, whether there is a fuel discount, what insurance the hangar itself has, and what maintenance can be done inside the hangar.

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