Aviation Consultancy

Aircraft Sales & marketing

Anyone with internet access can find an aircraft for sale, but if you are looking to have your requirements fulfilled as a buyer, with the right aircraft at the right price then SkyShepherd are the experts. When you’re ready to sell, we’ll ensure you get the best return on your investment, whatever the reason for this change.

SkyShepherds sales executives actively market your aircraft so that it moves quickly. Promotion of your aircraft is upmost, because of this we maximize its exposure through its placement on international web-sites, through trade advertising, and via online and hard copy brochures and specification data sheets making your aircraft available to all potential buyers.

Our aggressive marketing and promotion technique combined with our aircraft pre-inspection meetings, pre-flight sales promotion and demonstration flights make it clear to see why SkyShepherd is able to close and secure more aircraft sales than any of our competitors.

Aircraft Acquisition

The experienced professionals at SkyShepherd Aviation have the knowledge and skills to help you navigate the current aviation market,finding the right aircraft for our clients at the right price, offering support to you every step of the way.
Once your individual Account manager is assigned, The process of buying a plane with SkyShepherd Aviation can be split into 7 easy steps:

Aircraft Selection: Ultimately the most important step in the purchasing process. We don’t just sell you what’s in our inventory, SkyShepherd will analyze your requirements, review your flying profile and work with your budget, to recommend the right aircraft to best suit your requirements.

International Market Search: With unique industry relationships and up to the minute market data, we have the search capabilities to simply outshine basic internet searches or an individual buyer. Access to the global marketplace, enables SkyShepherd to access aircraft that are not yet listed and our established sales network means that clients have viewing access to upcoming inventory before it is accessible to the the public.

Aircraft Inspection & Evaluation: SkyShepherd offers expert evaluation on each and every aircraft that we deal with , by covering essential inspections on airframe, engine, component times and inspection status. We also inspect the aircrafts avionics, damage, service compliance and genealogy.

Technical Review and Market Valuation: SkyShepherd understands that good information and research is the basis for any successful business decision, using this mentality we are able to minimize the risks associated with the purchase of an aircraft by carrying out reviews with the most accurate market information available, enabling you as the buyer to be completely informed every step of the way.

Initial Offer and Negotiation: Once a buyer is ready to purchase an aircraft, SkyShepherds purchasing executives work to negotiate the best price taking away the hassle of the purchasing process.

Documentation and Final Purchase: When a purchase is completed SkyShepherd works alongside the FAA, title companies, finance companies and any other associated parties, enabling our clients to get into your new aircraft and into the skies as quickly and as stress free as possible.

After-sales Support: Once your transaction is complete, SkyShepherd Aviation Is still there to support you as our client. We have an experienced network of highly trained Field Service Representatives who are located throughout the globe. Offering Customer support to you in areas such as technical, Maintenance and day to day operations.

Aircraft Financing

Our experienced Loan Specialists take the hassle out of navigating the complex financing options in the market place and unearth any hidden costs that may exist to help you own your dream aircraft quickly. Being a broker means we are able to identify more flexible financing options and offer competitive terms through our partnerships with a collection of specialist hand picked banks.

By opting to lease through SkyShepherd, clients are able to benefit from almost brand new aircraft without the risks associated with a purchase, this option also offers a practical and convenient way to manage cash flow.

Whatever your financial preference SkyShepherd Aviation will work with you to create and implement the perfect aircraft financing or leasing option.

Aircraft ferrying

SkyShepherd International offer a professional, safe and cost effective way to export and ferry new and pre-owned general aviation aircraft interstate, across country and even around the globe. Regardless of the delivery brief SkyShepherd will create a bespoke solution offering clients the safest, most reliable and most efficient ferry service available in the market.

The flexibility of this ferrying package enables us to offer every option from a crew only service to a complete ‘turn key’ operation.