Aircraft Brokerage

Our SkyShepherd sales executives have a wide range of Aircraft Brokerage experience and understand how to best price and position your aircraft, taking away the unknown for you and minimizing the risk for you as a seller. Our Brokerage experts will analyze your aircraft and give an accurate and realistic market value appraisal. This process begins by analyzing your aircraft, and reviewing historical sales as well as up to date industry pricing data, combing this with current market fluctuations and sale trends to determine the most accurate selling price for your aircraft.

With SkyShepherds market leading brokerage advisors on your side, you can rest assured that your best interests will be represented during all aspects of the sales process from pre-inspection all the way through to the closing of the deal.

When enquiries arise about technical aspects of the aircraft or its operational capabilities SkyShepherd’s engineering staff are accessible to our clients to provide on-site technical support and answer any questions prospective buyers may have around the clock.

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